Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hello Designers!

dear myspace designer-wanna-be,

this is the tips of how to be a great myspace designer. everything u need is ms. paint, times new roman, little bit of scripting knowledge, others graphic those are taken without permission, dumb classmates for supports and some sexy girls for clothing talents. put them together in ur myspace. list as many popular art groups as u can in your topfrens. dont forget to put any incoming gig fliers so peoples will think u are part of them and always updated. btw, it's actually good for the gigs organizers, good job! put your favourite songs as background music to tell everybody about what music u r listening to. no malay song pls. write stupid repeated bulletin with different stupid titles. photo gallery must have your picts with stupid graphical effects and titled it as art,art & art. dont forget to put ur secret admire's photo too! the most important thing is declare yourself as a DESIGNER and dont forget to write any humble statements like "saya budak baru belajar" or "kami bengap" or etc.


celabon said...

im a nooob hahaha~ T.T but still working out babe~!

farhanna said...

hahah. nice tips.